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Meh, Im sick, but anyways

2012-01-06 14:19:03 by winner1215

Been off for awhile, never got the flash animation program, but oh well, shit happens. I probably wont get for while either

Till then Im stuck reviewing or drawing, and the drawing will be very low

I've gotten better trying to review to make people happy, but to let them know where they messed up.. Never want to crush someones spirits you know?

My new tactic I might start doing is this
Camera Work:
Voice Acting:
Miscellaneous (Controls, FPS, etc.):

I think it will help. What do you think?

I'm gonna start drawing again, but it would be nice to start fresh, since I've been doing the same for 3 years. . .Its getting old, and un loved now, so I wanna know. . . whats your favorite anime style (or whats the one you use) [you don't have to name it, but please give me a link showing the style] I have already found some, and I'm gonna try them out, but whats yours so I can add it to the collection :3

Hello NG, I'm looking for a flash program, and I want to know what YOU use, so. . . What do you use? what is the price while your at it, and is it a subscription thing, or pay 1 time, and it's yours?

Which flash program do you use?

Need advice on flash program

2009-11-20 19:10:10 by winner1215

well, I want to become a flash maker :P what do i need, and what is the price???

Ok I knowno one will read this, but I am becoming an animator, and an ecchi artist, so. . . . yeah